Dimitris Sankey

Dimitri Gregory Sankey

Worked as Senior Ocularist at Sankey-Vassardanis OE

until December 2017.

REAL 3-D, P.C.M Technology Specialist

    From a young age he has dedicated his life to fitting patients with the Highest Quality Ocular Prosthetics traveling both the U.S. and Europe. He is an innovative 3rd Generation Ocularist. 


Dimitri Sankey's love of his work, dedication to his patients, and innovation in the field of Ocularistry is what has excelled him to become one of the best fabricators of artificial eyes at such a young age.  

 Our hybrid technology that combines both the digitization of the human iris with our  state of the art acrylic pigment color enhancement  painting, over a REAL 3-D component, adds enhanced depth and Perfect Color Matching.  Whether a new or returning patient, or simply someone in search of a better result we guarantee the best and most advanced Ocular Prosthetic available.

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