Dimitris Vassardanis

Managing Director

Senior Ocularist

Co-Founder Sankey-Vassardanis OE

Now Vassardanis O.E

Vassardanis International Prosthetics


Dimitris Vassardanis is a U.S. trained Senior Ocularist at Vassardanis International Prosthetics who for the past 35 years has fit patients with the Highest Quality Ocular Prosthetics. 

"Our Goal was to bring the Highest grade Medical Acrylic Custom Artificial Eyes to Greece. After 35 years I am proud to be the co-founder of the European Center for the Highest Quality Ocular Prosthetics. Our ISO Certified Laboratory, ASO Certifications, state of the art equipment, and large unrivaled Team of U.S. Trained Ocularists is what has made us the European Center for both  Ocular Prosthetics and Child Orbital Bone Development."

"Collectively we are a team, working closely together to provide our patients with the best possible results. It is imperative that patients pick the absolute best treatments for themselves and their families. It takes a collective effort and cooperation between Ophthalmologist, Plastic Surgeon, and Ocularist to ensure the absolute best results for our patients. Here at Vassardanis International Prosthetics it has been our life mission to guarantee that our patients are receiving their treatment from the absolute best, both in our laboratory and other Ophthalmologic and Oculoplastic Facilities.” 

Biography related to the Ocularistry Proffesion


Born :1958





BA Business Administration & Marketing Management


Greek Navy


Trained by Custom Ocular Prosthetics under the supervision of Orville Sankey, and by Greg T. Sankey 

Founder of Sankey Vassardanis OE       7/7 1988

Vassardanis International Prosthetics    15/12 2017

Managing Director and Certified Ocularist

Courses Attended:

American Society of Ocularists:

  • Course No. 641 : Retinoblastoma
  • Course No, 713 : Fitting the contracted socket
  • Workshop No. 719W : Making Impression Trays
  • ELE Exams
  • Course 660-02 Joint scientific session with the Amercan Academy of Ophthalmology
  • “ Controversies in Anophthalmic Implant Selectioni”
  • A.D. Rudeman Lecture
  • Course No 622: Oculoplastic Surgey: Ptosis correction and Eyelid Reconstruction
  • Course No. 624 : Oculoploastic Surgey : correction of Enophthalmos
  • Workshop No: 733w: New Pegging technique for problem cases
  • Course 661: Medical Advisory Seminar
  • Apprentice / Assosiate Lecture workshop
  • Mini-Max Lectures
  • Course 603: Anatomy and physiology of the Lacrimal System
  • Course 656: Embryology of the Human eye
  • Course 760: Infectious Disease Protocol
  • Course 828 Apprentice and Associate Levture Workshjop
  • Course 748W: Color Workshop for the Ocularist
  • Course714 : Pediatric Fitting
  • Course 928 W working Healthy as an Ocularist.
  • Course 790-03s Mucous discharge associated with the ocular prosthetic patient
  • Course 643 : History of Enucleation (Evisceration) implants
  • Course 651 Panel –Choosing the correct implant
  • Course 911 W1 Digital Camera workshop
  • Course 660-03 Joint scientific Session with the American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • ELE exams
  • Course 740 : Laboratory skills
  • Corse 903 Ethics for Today’s Ocularist –Professionalism
  • Course 741 –W Perfectly polished prostheses
  • Course #661-03 Medical Advisory Seminar
  • Course 773: Scleral Shell problem solving
  • Course 629 : The pediatric patient
  • Course 926W Blindness workshop
  • Course 830-05s Associate lecture workshop
  • Course:652 : Psychological Impact of Eye Loss
  • Course 760 Infectious Disease
  • Course 740W Making impression trays
  • Course 790-05s Patient Relations
  • Course 740 : Laboratory Procceses
  • Joint Scientific Sessions with the American Academy of Ophthalmology:
  • Use and variations of Orbital implants
  • Lessons from the distant past-extreme Complications
  • Use and variation of Orbital implants
  • Present day implant complications
  • Management of the anophthalmici socket
  • Resolution & prevention of complications:
  • The importance of co-operation between Ocularist patient and ophthalmologist


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It is our Mission!

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