Greg T. Sankey

Gregory T. Sankey

Senior Ocularist at Vassardanis International Prosthetics 

from 1988 - December 2017

Licensed Ocularist

Co-Founder Sankey International

Gregory T. Sankey, the Co-Founder of Sankey International since 1988, has spent the last 35 years providing Greece with the highest quality Ocular Prosthetics in the world. Gregory Sankey has dedicated his life, traveling the world, to fit perhaps more patients with custom made Ocular Prosthetics than any other Ocularist in the world.

    Gregory Sankey holds 2 U.S. Patents in the field of Ocularistry and as "the father" of the digitization of the human iris to be embedded in an Ocular Prosthetic, is working on his 3rd patent with his son Dimitri Gregory Sankey. His innovative character and and 45 years of on the job experience makes him and his team the most sought after Ocularists in Europe.

"In my 45 years of experience I believe that Sankey International, cofounded by Senior Ocularist Dimitris Vassardanis, is one of the most advanced, innovative, and productive Ocular Prosthetic Laboratories in the World. My colleague and I have dedicated our lives to make this facility a place where patients can become accustomed to receiving the highest quality Ocular Prosthetics. Sankey International is an exclusive family orientated facility where parents of children who have suffered the loss of eye can feel confidant and at ease that they have come to The European Center for Child Socket Development."

Greg Sankey is a licensed ocularist in the state of Washington.


7/7 1988

Creation of Sankey International in Greece with Dimitris Vassardanis

Licensed Ocularist:

1984 -2005

Courses Attended:

American Society of Ocularists:

Most of the previous courses 1990-2000

Courses attended recently 2001-2005

  • Course No. 641 : Retinoblastoma
  • Course No, 713 : Fitting the contracted socket
  • Workshop No. 719W : Making Impression Trays
  • ELE Exams
  • Course 660-02 Joint scientific session with the American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • “ Controversies in Anophthalmic Implant Selection”
  • A.D. Rudeman Lecture
  • Course No 622: Oculoplastic Surgery: Ptosis correction and Eyelid Reconstruction
  • Course No. 624 : Oculoplastic Surgery : correction of Enophthalmos
  • Workshop No: 733w: New Pegging technique for problem cases
  • Course 661: Medical Advisory Seminar
  • Apprentice / Associate Lecture workshop
  • Mini-Max Lectures
  • Course 603: Anatomy and physiology of the Lachrymal System
  • Course 656: Embryology of the Human eye
  • Course 760: Infectious Disease Protocol
  • Course 828 Apprentice and Associate Lecture Workshop
  • Course 748W: Color Workshop for the Ocularist
  • Course714 : Pediatric Fitting
  • Course 928 W working Healthy as an Ocularist.
  • Course 790-03s Mucous discharge associated with the ocular prosthetic patient
  • Course 643 : History of Enucleation (Evisceration) implants
  • Course 651 Panel –Choosing the correct implant
  • Course 911 W1 Digital Camera workshop
  • Course 660-03 Joint scientific Session with the American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • ELE exams
  • Course 740 : Laboratory skills
  • Course 903 Ethics for Today’s Ocularist –Professionalism
  • Course 741 –W Perfectly polished prostheses
  • Course #661-03 Medical Advisory Seminar
  • Course 773: Scleral Shell problem solving
  • Course 629 : The pediatric patient
  • Course 926W Blindness workshop
  • Course 830-05s Associate lecture workshop
  • Course:652 : Psychological Impact of Eye Loss
  • Course 760 Infectious Disease
  • Course 740W Making impression trays
  • Course 790-05s Patient Relations
  • Course 740 : Laboratory Processes

Joint Scientific Sessions with the American Academy of Ophthalmology:

  • Use and variations of Orbital implants
  • Lessons from the distant past-extreme Complications
  • Use and variation of Orbital implants
  • Present day implant complications
  • Management of the anophthalmic socket
  • Resolution & prevention of complications:
  • The importance of co-operation between Ocularist patient and ophthalmologist



Lectures given  participating as a certified Ocularist:

and or sponsored participation:

Greek Ophthalmological Society

European Intraocular Lens society

European society of plastic and ophthalmic Reconstructive Surgery

Greek Craniofacial Centre convention

Ophthalmology society of Cyprus

Children's Hospital Aghia Sophia

Mitera Hospital.

Association of European Ocularists:

October 8  2005

    "Modern Ocularistry and Poly-Methyl Methacrylate Acrylic"


FBI  Crime Lab

Greg Sankey due to his ocularist expertise was commissioned to work on Forensic Murder cases, volunteering time and professional expertise in the specialization of Ocular prosthetics to solve crimes. He worked on one of the most famous of all serial killer crime cases in the United States, The Green River Murder cases. Working closely with the Professor of Anthropology at Green River College they were able to solve some of the identities of the victims.

Tom Selleck:    Greg Sankey worked on the film ”RUNAWAY” an action picture filmed by Tri-Star pictures. Tri –Star pictures commissioned Mr. Sankey,  who is a Master of Ophthalmic Prosthetics for Ocular Prosthetic Props.

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