Our Team

Aris Vassardanis


 Aris Vassardanis is now the lead Ocularist in Greece 

Aris Vassardanis is also the director of our transparent Medical Grade conformer production team. He also specializes in the fabrication of size specific medical grade post surgical sterile conformers that are used by surgeons as a  therapeutic tool immediately after surgery. 

Aris who has a Masters degree in Biotechnology 

Lead Ocularist/REAL 3-D, P.C.M Technology Specialist

From a young age he has dedicated his life to fitting patients with the Highest Quality Ocular Prosthetics

 He is innovative.

Nikolas Vassardanis

      Nikolas Vassardanis is an advanced Ocularist and a Senior Lab Technician at Vassardanis International & has spent the past 9 years directing the operations of the laboratory. Nikolas is an innovative member of the team, and with his degree in physics, is the director of the new PMMA polymerization process used exclusively at Sankey International. Nikolas is the directing operator of our  U.S. Laminators, found exclusively at Sankey International. Our U.S. PMMA Processing Laminators are the Largest and most Effective industrial grade Acrylic Processing Machines for artificial eyes in Europe.

 Irene Tsigouni

Customer Service /Accounting Administer

    Irene Tsigouni has been the Accounting Administer and Customer Service Advisor of Sankey International since 2005. Irene is in charge of the both customer service and the daily business operations of Sankey International and can offer assistance in information concerning the fabrication, appointments, delivery date, coverage, and cost of your Artificial Lens. 

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