Nikolas Vassardanis

B.A. in economics


Senior Lab Technician

    Nikolas Vassardanis is an advanced Ocularist and the Senior Lab Technician at Sankey International & has spent the past 10 years directing the operations of the laboratory. Nikolas is an innovative member of the team, and with his degree in physics, is the director of the new PMMA polymerization process used exclusively at Sankey International. Nikolas is the directing operator of our  U.S. Laminators, found exclusively at Sankey International. Our U.S. PMMA Processing Laminators are the largest and most effective industrial grade Acrylic Processing Machines for artificial eyes in Europe.

    As the team director Nikolas ensures that all of our equipment is kept up to code and is ISO Certified. His ingenuity and vast understanding of the polymerization process of our Medical Grade Acrylics allowed him to design our New State of the Art PMMA Iris Processing Units, found exclusively at Sankey International. These advanced Units allow for maximum Iris clarity and Crystal Clear Imaging which has drastically improved the lifelike replication of the Human Iris. This process uses a specific and unique grade of stainless steel casts to process the lamination of our P.C.M. iris buttons, to form the clearest Color Reflective Cornea ever designed for an artificial eye. Nikolas has attended conventions in both the ASO (American Society of Ocularist) and the Hellenic Society of Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Athens. His skills and vast knowledge in both physics and Ocularisty has been a key component that has kept Sankey International at the cutting edge of technology within our field.

In 2015 Nikolas attended and completed the Full Prosthetics Course offered by Technovent Ltd in Bridgend, UK.

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