Infants and Children

The European Center For Child Orbital Bone and lid structure Development

- “ At Vassardanis International Prosthetics we want societies focal point to be your child's smile, not their eye"

Our team is specialized in treating infants and children that need our services.

  • In children the custom made prosthesis needs to be checked regularly for size, comfort and fit
  • Use specialized hard contact lens cleaning agents to clean the prosthesis
  • Never use rubbing alcohol to clean or sterilize the prosthesis as it will damage it
  • Allow the Ocularist to be the expert when it comes to the prosthesis and your child 
  • This is a dedicated lifetime teamwork between us,  you and your child , this is how friendships are built..

Vassardanis International is the European Center for Child Socket Development & Orbital Bone Growth. Our team of child socket development specialists guarantee the best results for you and your child.

Vassardanis International is a World Leader in promoting orbital bone growth in children's sockets by fitting perfectly shaped, sized, and color matched ocular prosthetics. Here at Sankey International we believe that your child's socket development is one of the most important therapeutic treatments they will receive. 

For the past 25 years our team of specialists has successfully fit hundreds of children with the highest quality Ocular Prosthetics available. 

Vassardanis International is proud to be The European Center for your child's orbital bone growth development. 

Our strict schedule for children visits is based upon social breaks in their school year with additional necessary follow up visits and cleanings in between in order to closely track your child's socket development, movement, and cosmetic result. It is important to understand that children need more frequent appointments due to the fact that their bodies grow and develop more frequently.

" At Vassardanis International, the European Center for Child Socket Development & Orbital bone growth, we build lenses to build your child's confidence".

Our extensive and strict scheduling program will guarantee that your child feels confident both at school and in their social life while wearing their artificial lens and allows the parents to play an active, encouraging, and informative roll in the entire process. From the day we start, children, their families, and their Ocularist become a team responsible for the development of the child's socket, orbital bone growth, social confidence, and acceptance of living life with an Ocular Prosthetic. At Vassardanis International  we encourage children and their families to view their artificial lens as a vital confidence building tool that will help them excel in their day to day social lives. Their lens is also an imperative therapeutic device that with proper maintenance and size adjustments will comfortably promote growth in the child's socket and orbital bone structure in order to ensure easy wearability, comfort, orbital symmetry, and the best possible cosmetic result. It is these personal relationships shared between patients and our innovative team of U.S. trained Ocularists that allows our company to guarantee excellence, and the best cosmetic results for all children.

Our team of highly U.S. trained Ocularists are the most experienced European Ocular Prosthetic Specialists for children. Throughout the course of their careers they have formed lifelong relationships with thousands of children all around the world and have enjoyed watching them mature and prosper within society while wearing an artificial lens. They understand the importance and cosmetic significance of the socket's development and promotion of growth within the orbital bone throughout childhood and the difference between fitting an adult vs. fitting your child with a prosthetic lens.

"Children are not small adults, they need specialized care from the most experienced ocularists to promote both their bone growth and development, which through our 35 years of experience we believe is the most critical aspect to consider when choosing an Ocularist to fit your child."

Here at Vassardanis International your child's happiness  is not just our goal. Its our Mission.

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