Prosthetic Maintenance, Cleanings, and Enlargements: 

The 3 steps to a happy life with your Ocular Prosthetic

Here at Vassardanis International Prosthetics we are here to make your life with your custom  ocular prosthetic as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Over the course of time you will notice that despite your efforts to clean your lens salt and proteins deposits will eventually cause some type of irritation to the socket tissues surrounding your prosthetic. We encourage all patients to follow our "home cleaning" program but also stress the importance and significance of visiting your Ocularist at Vassardanis International Prosthetics or a thorough and professional cleaning at least two to three times a year. During these cleanings we perform many necessary services. The services we perform include:

  • Surface Sterilization of Ocular Prosthetic. 
  • Removal of all salt and protein deposits. 
  • Thorough wax polish of Ocular Prosthetic
  • Thorough buffing of surface to restore original shine
  • Removal of any and all nicks and scratches on Ocular Prosthetics
  • Examination of Mobility
  • Examination of socket to track degree of Atrophy
  • Examination of upper and lower lid placement to track degree of ptosis


It is advised that all patients prepare themselves psychologically for the fact that over time their bodies will change and that due to this change commonly referred by their Ocularist as Atrophy. Atrophy is a natural reaction often considered "the wasting of body tissue" that occurs in the bodies of patients who wear an Ocular Prosthetic. After a patient experiences a certain degree of atrophy an enlargement of their lens will be necessary in order to restore the appearance, comfort, stability, and mobility of the Ocular Prosthetic. ( With children these enlargements take place more frequently due to their bodies tendencies to develop and change more frequently). It is important to note that if atrophy is not dealt with properly and in a timely fashion it can cause:

  • Irritation of tissue surrounding the Ocular Prosthetic
  • Inflammation  due to protein deposits on the prosthesis
  • Infections within the socket due to prosthesis ageing 
  • A shrunken appearance of the ocular prosthetic
  • Loss of movement due to socket changes
  • Dropping and swelling of upper lid due to prosthesis over time repositioning
  • Rotation of prosthetic (causes iris and pupil to gaze off center)
  • Heavy secretions due to old tears pooling in empty spaces in atrophic sockets

It is important to understand that your atrophy can cause complications to your holistic wellbeing and also can have a negative affect on the cosmetic look of your Ocular Prosthetic. 

Vassardanis International Prosthetics offers treatments for all the conditions listed above. Not only will our treatment restore the cosmetic look of your prosthetic and correct any ptosis (falling) of the upper eyelid, it will also prolong the lifespan of your lens.  AtVassardanis International Prosthetics we check for all these symptoms during your scheduled maintenance cleanings, in order to guarantee the best possible cosmetic results.

At Vassardanis International Prosthetics customer Satisfaction is not just our goal.

It is our Mission!

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