By Choosing Vassardanis International Prosthetics you are purchasing the Highest Quality Ocular Prosthetic, made from the purest Medical Grade acrylic available today. Our state of the art European Facility and our U.S. trained team of Ocularists offer the highest quality of service to our patients. 

Vassardanis International Prosthetics has a strict policy for customer satisfaction and the best possible results are guaranteed. 

Our strict scheduling program has been designed to keep patients coming multiple times a year in order to closely track their sockets development, watch for atrophy of the socket, and pay close attention to all the minute details in order to guarantee the cosmetic appearance of your lens. 

Customer satisfaction is not only our goal, it is are mission and is guaranteed. 

At Vassardanis International we ensure that you will leave our laboratory ready to reenter society with a new sense of confidence and hope. We encourage you and your family to come share in the experience.

 For more than 25 years we have enjoyed helping thousands of patients throughout Greece and all of Europe. We specialize in delivering the best results to our patients and have enjoyed working closely with the top Opthalmologist and plastic surgeons in Greece.

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